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A mockup of the pricing plans on Good Time's website.


Subscribe to the plan that fits your brand best. Don’t see one that fits you? DM us.

Request what you need

Submit a request, we’ll give you an estimate and get started on it immediately.

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Design the landing page.Build the landing page.Redesign all of it!

Review, revise, then relax

Whatever the end result, we’ll keep working until you’re happy.

The best deal in town

What will you get for free?

Multi-touch attribution based on 1st-party pixel

Multiple marketing channels (Meta, Google, Tiktok, etc.)

Multiple attribution models & windows

Attribution data at the campaign, ad set & ad level

Detailed customer journey

PLUS advanced features like creative reporting FREE for 1 month (these will later be part of a subscription plan).

Detailed customer journey

Creative performance & reporting

Attribution data at campaign, ad set & ad level

Multiple attribution windows (time frames)

Multiple attribution models (weighted, snapshot etc.)

Multiple marketing channels (Meta, Google, TikTok etc.)

Advanced reporting (free for 6 months)

  • Channel overlap
  • New v/s repeat breakdown
  • Conversion time lag (first touch to conversion)
  • Expected revenue lift 7, 28, and 90 days later
mom says its your turn

PLUS, a powerful toolkit.

The Webflow icon.
Webflow websites
Edit your website on day one of the web design process and watch it come together in real time.
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Memberstack memberships
Add subscriptions to your website and gate content without the complexity of a similar product.
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Airtable databases
Store, manipulate and edit data in large amounts, then connect it into any of the other No-code tools.
The Zapier logo.
Zapier automations
Connect all of your services together and automate them without an engineer.
The Figma logo.
Anything design related happens here first. Website? Yes. App? Absolutely.
The Photoshop logo.
Editing photos and bitmap images more complex than an app is what this is for.
The Adobe Illustrator logo.
When the pen tool in Figma fails, we turn to the king of complex vectors.
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After Effects
Animate illustrations in a way that you can’t accomplish in browser.
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We can join your Slack and you’ll have access to us while we’re together.
The Discord icon.
Don’t like Slack? We like Discord too! Add us there if you want.
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Cleanshot X
We record async video messages so you’re up-to-date without meeting.
The Notion icon.
All of the information for your projects in one dashboard.
No tricks or nuffin

Everything you need to know about attribution

Attribution Terminology
Use your 1st-party pixel data to improve Meta ROAS
All about eCommerce Attribution & 1st party pixels.
When in-platform data DOES NOT match your 1st-party Pixel?
Use your 1st-party pixel data to improve Meta ROAS
Attribution Terminology
No tricks or nuffin

Plans for brands of every size.


Best for brands that need designs on an ongoing basis.
No contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • Request unlimited designs
  • Deliverables as-you-need
  • No limit on revisions
Subscribe to Design


Best for brands that need designs and websites.
No contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • Everything from Design, plus:
  • Webflow websites
  • Add us to your messaging app
  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Live priority support
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“Good Time is very good in what they're doing and more than happy to challenge and push you to think about your decisions both from usability and design standpoints.”

Marino Franulovic
Agency owner, Franulovic

“Their work has significantly reduced my stress in having to imagine, design, then implement a new design language for the business.”

Greg Barbosa
Agency owner, Teller

“High quality work, responsiveness, and most of all, very valuable feedback and advice that we appreciated.”

Jordan Jadallah
Finance, TYTO
Let's answer them.

We Have As for your qs.

C’mon, what’s the catch? It isn’t really free, is it?
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Yes, it is. 

Here’s what we offer, with 100% transparency:

Your own first-party pixel to install on your website - completely FREE forever.

For the first 1 month, all our advanced analytics features will also be completely FREE.

After 1 month, some advanced features (creative reporting, premium reports) will only be available as part of our paid feature set. However, you will retain your FREE first-party-pixel and decision-guiding analytics.


Hmmm, so you’ll scr*w me over after 1 month?
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We follow a freemium model. Our core analytics are free, but some features will later become part of the paid suite. 

Your first-party pixel and everything you really need for campaign management and attribution will remain completely FREE. (see list of free features)

Our Promise: The free analytics feature set will NOT be a frustrating, watered-down version of what you had. You will still get full access to campaign/ad set/ad performance data across multiple channels, models, and attribution windows.


Yeah well, free stuff isn’t usually very good. What’s the quality of your data like?
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It’s excellent.

But don’t take our word for it. 

We want you to compare us to your existing tool, and decide for yourself. We’re confident that once you’ve tried us out, there’s no looking back.


What’s in it for you?
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We are certain that you will find value with us.

So much value, in fact, that you will either subscribe to our paid product at the end of the 1 month, or you will stay on the free plan and spread the love about us to other advertisers. ❤️

It’s a win-win. 

For us, and for you.


I’ve already got a pixel. Will your pixel interfere with my existing setup?
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Our pixel will run alongside any other pixel that you are currently using. The UTM setup is a 1-click operation and the data quality is stellar.

Sign-up is super-easy and super-fast. 

Get your FREE pixel now!